Who We Are

At Harlo, we're more than just a startup - we're a team of passionate individuals dedicated to reshaping the future of logistics. Our name, 'Harlo,' symbolizes our vision for harmony within the industry, where technology and operations seamlessly blend to create a more efficient, connected world.

Driven by innovation, we're constantly pushing the boundaries to bring you the latest in logistics technology. Our SaaS solutions are designed to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Whether you're a carrier or a broker, we're here to empower you with smart, automated tools that simplify your workload and elevate your business.

What We Do

At Harlo, we're currently developing a groundbreaking Transportation Management System (TMS) with some very unique features. Our TMS is designed to revolutionize the logistics industry by providing smart, efficient, and automated solutions.

Currently in development, our TMS will soon be open to beta testing. We're excited to invite you to be a part of this journey as we work to shape the future of logistics. Stay tuned for updates on our beta testing program and be among the first to experience the power of Harlo's TMS.

Connect With Us

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